Lovely security guard!

I love to see the diversity among the security guards.


Swedish Police

Some of you might have a clue where this is going but don’t worry, I am not going to present something unpleasant. I will start the more or less “Swedish series” as I realized that most of my work really is very Swedish, even if I don’t tag it like that. In the beginning it will not be red houses/lakes/forests or idyllic places, but they will come within time!

One thing is sure though….I was definitely out of my comfort zone with the following photos.




Well….I am still working to much, but I have started to edit a new series that I hope some of you will like and hopefully be a bit surprised of. It’s in an area I definitely is out of my comfort zone when I was shooting them. But I found some photos I did not post before here, so enjoy!

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